Welcome to The Bridge

The Bridge is a consultancy company bridging Scandinavia and China by providing our clients cross cultural awareness and competence.
The Bridge provide seminars not only on general cross cultural challenges, we also provide specialized seminars about e-commerce, cross cultural negotiation, consumer behaviour and integrated solutions for SMEs entering China.
The Bridge organize open seminars as well as in-house tailored seminars at the location of our clients.
What makes The Bridge stand out of the crowd of providers of cross cultural seminars is the fact that we base our seminars on real-life hands-on experience. We have ourselves learned the hard way that is why we can guide you to avoid the many potential pitfalls when making and executing your plans for entering China.
Here at the website you can read more about our seminars if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us so that we can customize a program tailored to your needs.
  Annie Tang, Partner

Co-founder of The Bridge and founder of Eurasia Resources. Annie was educated in China, Denmark, the US and Sweden. Annie has worked years for and with Scandinavian companies in China - amongst others for DI's OMIC-office in Shanghai. 

    Gunnar Liland Thomsen, Partner

Co-founder of The Bridge and former director in DEIF China. Gunnar shares his over ten years working experience in Asia, particularly in organizational development, sourcing and business development in China.

The group of The Bridge at LinkedIn you find here.