Increased China Competence

On these pages you find an introduction to our current portfolio of seminars about a variety of current China topics.
We aim at increasing the cross cultural competence in business practice at an individual level in communication, negotiation, and management.
The seminars also focus on strategic management in the areas of corporate social responsibility, marketing and brand strategy, entry and location strategy, and change management for your organization in China.
Our seminars are not only based on academic substance provided by CBS, SSE, AU and SIS (Shanghai). We are business professionals who ourselves as practitioners have learned about management, business- and organizational development in a Chinese context.
That is why we in a sensible way can improve your China-competence and synchronise you with present Chinese reality on selected topics.
In terms of increased efficiency, time not wasted and mistakes let undone you will probably find these seminars one of your best investments in establishing and developing your China operation.