Cross Cultural Competence

Increase the efficiency of the cross-cultural interaction of organizations and individuals
Aim of the seminar

Whether you are interacting with customers, suppliers, or colleagues, the culture impact on business mentality and management practice is vast.
Without previous understanding of the basic norms and the predominant drivers of Chinese professionals, the cross-cultural encounter is unlikely to be productive from the beginning.
Intended outcomes
Familiarize Scandinavians with typical Chinese organizational and commercial behaviour – avoiding costly mistakes by establishing an understanding of norms and drivers
•  Help Scandinavians to communicate more efficiently with their Chinese counterparts – help eliminating frustrating and time-consuming miscommunication

•  Prepare Scandinavians for meeting and understanding the Chinese negotiator – maximizing outcome and the chances of success by understanding your counterpart
•  Help Scandinavians excel in their professional and commercial relations with Chinese – maximising the outcome of the time and resources invested in establishing cross cultural relations

  Seminar content
Comparison between the West and the East - different ways of thinking and communicating
•  Insights on national and organizational culture differences
•  Side effects of one child policy and the current education system
•  Chinese culture in terms of family, society, face value and network
•  A comparison of Scandinavian and Chinese culture, professional and commercial behavior
•  Introduction to Chinese business etiquette
•  The Chinese negotiator – a guided tour in the Chinese negotiation-landscape
•  CSR and corruption issues – how to deal with the ever present exposure
•  Typical pitfalls of cross cultural management and relation building
•  Do’s and Don’ts – the cross cultural toolbox