E-commerce Paving Your Way To China

Ever since 2003, e-commerce in China has grown exponentially with compound annual growth rate of 120%. Today, China is the world’s second largest e-commerce market, with sales exceeding $190 billion in 2012

As China’s broadband penetration is currently only 30%, it is estimated that online sales will reach $650 billion by 2020.

Such a huge growth potential not only causes retailers to rethink their channel strategy and marketing mix to attract more consumers. It also triggers the ecosystem with spurring digital solutions and innovative supply chain management.

On the other hand, under the topline figures, China’s e-commerce is distinctly different from the dominant models in the US, Europe, and Japan.

Aim of the seminar

In order to capture the full potential of e-commerce in China, this seminar will provide you a glimpse of the consumers’ behavior on the virtual marketplace in China and outline how Chinese e-commerce is distinctively different from the west.
To familiarize you with the context of China’s e-commerce industry, the major e-platforms and major social media networks
•  To understand the retailing distribution setup in China thus developing an effective channel strategy

•  To enable you to develop the right marketing mix and use the right media to efficiently reach target consumers

To provide you the awareness of some typical pitfalls of brand building and product counterfeits when doing e-commerce in China
  Seminar content
The distribution setup and the evolution of e-commerce in China
•  Introduce the major marketplace players and social media networks and payment systems in China
•  The consumer purchasing behavior on the virtual marketplace
•  Implication for product, marketing and supply chain management