Integrated Solutions for SMEs Entering China

Due to China's vast territory, there is a significant difference in regional human resources, market development, as well as huge operating costs. It is necessary for investors to analyze the key decision-making factors in entry structure and location
Aim of the seminar

It is our experience that many SMEs fall into typical pitfalls when entering China. The Bridge therefore provides this specialized seminar about integrated solutions in the areas of market research, employment, enterprise registration, outsourcing, etc. that SMEs will most likely encounter when entering China.
Additionally, we act as your spearhead to smoothen your way into China.
This seminar is your opportunity to equip yourself and skip many of the time consuming and costly potential mistakes ahead of you.
Intended outcomes 
Provide the awareness of some typical pitfalls when conducting your market research in China

•  Familiarize different enterprise’ functions and registration procedures in China

•  Be aware of different human resource challenges in China

•  Understand some typical outsourcing difficulties in China

•  Be conscious of your IP rights protection in China
  Seminar content
Market research in China and typical pitfalls
•  Introduce different location policies and enterprise registration procedures
•  Human resource challenges and different pension schemes
•  Different outsourcing practice
•  A comparison of Scandinavian and Chinese culture, professional and commercial behavior
•  IPR challenges in China
•  Do’s and Don’ts for SMEs entering China