The Speakers

At The Bridge we solely rely on speakers who possess real-life hands-on experience from Scandinavian operations in China.
In our seminars focusing on specific topics like IPR, contract law, taxation, etc. we invite guest speakers who are specialized in the topic on hand. We only use native Chinese guest speakers and only specialists with a practical hands-on approach to the topic.

For our general Cross Culture Seminar the speakers is a team consisting of;
  Annie Tang

Co-founder of The Bridge and founder of Eurasia Resources. Annie was educated in China, Denmark, the US and Sweden and has over 10 years experience associating with and working with Scandinavians. 

Annie share her insights and own experiences on how to, for a Scandinavian, excel at working with Chinese. Annie is native (Shanghai) Chinese.

  Gunnar Liland Thomsen

Co-founder of The Bridge and former director in DEIF China. Gunnar share his over ten years working experience in Asia.

Gunnars experience includes sourcing, organizational development, establishment of R&D organization, managing the sales force, business development, etc. Gunnar is native Scandinavian - half Danish, half Norwegian.