Feedback on our seminars
On our last open seminar the feedback on the question 'What is your overall level of satisfaction with the seminar' was distributed as illustrated below (evaluated on a scale from 1 to 5).

Our valued clients
The Bridge have had the pleasure of working with a vast selection of Scandinavian companies and organizations on various China-issues. Our reference list is spanning from small organizations taking the first steps in their internationalization to big multinationals experienced in global operations.

Cross Cultural Competence
What makes The Bridge stand out of the crowd of many other cross cultural seminars is that we focus strictly on the management and business implications from cross cultural impact. We are not anthropologists – we are business professionals. We have ourselves learned the hard way – that is why we can guide you to avoid the many potential pitfalls by bridging the gap between Scandinavia and China.

Alexandra Johnsson from Visma Services in Malmö Sweden attended the Cross Cultural Competence seminar of The Bridge at Winghouse in Copenhagen.

"Annie and Gunnar did not talk about culture and cultural differences in general – they talked about culture and the cultural differences between China and Scandinavia in a business perspective and its impact on establishing and running a business in China, which was great and gave me a lot of concrete operational tools to be used in my daily work" 

Alexandra Johnsson

Sales Representative,
International Services

Alexandra was asked to evaluate the seminar:

“First of all, I was happy that the venue was carefully selected – the location near highways, metro and the airport made it very easy for me to come over from Sweden – in fact much easier than if I had to attend a seminar in Stockholm” Alexandra says and adds.

“Besides the location three things about the seminar made me rate it very high. Annie and Gunnar described culture’s impact on establishing and running a business in China, which was great and gave me a lot of concrete operational tools to be used in my daily work when my colleagues and I are cooperating and communicating with our customers in our Chinese desk.”

“To serve them with high quality services, we must understand the culture differences, so I see this seminar also useful to people working with organizational development as for people working with business development, I would say that the seminar would be very rewarding and likely to produce a tangible and measurable outcome” Alexandra says and continues.

“Second of all, Annie and Gunnar really managed to catch my attention by primarily basing the seminar on their own real-life experience more than being just another academic lecture. Personally I found it much easier to relate to practical examples from people who have been there themselves than to people who are just conveying what I could have read in a book myself” Alexandra adds with a smile.

“Finally I found it adding a lot of credibility to the seminar that the speakers was the team of Annie and Gunnar. Annie being native Chinese but educated in Denmark and Sweden and having worked for Scandinavian companies in Shanghai representing China while Gunnar with his long work experience with Asia and his expat years in Shanghai in particular representing Scandinavia – that gave me a much more credible impression than if just one of the cultures had been represented” Alexandra concludes.

Tailored sessions
Companies and organizations for whom we have made tailored sessions focusing on different cross cultural issues include well known companies like Novo, Kongsberg, Det Norske Veritas, Danish Wind Power Industry Association, Lauritzen Kosan, etc. Below you find a couple of case stories.

The Bridge was engaged to deliver a kick-off session for an international team-building event at DNV (Det Norske Veritas) in Copenhagen. The seminar consisted of some 50 participants representing 11 nations.

  Lone Wigh

Seminar Organizer at Det Norske Veritas was asked to evaluate the cross cultural kick-off session delivered by The Bridge.

Lone Wigh, who organized the event, says ‘We were looking for a general cross cultural introduction with a specific focus on countries where we have wind energy offices’.

‘We wanted the session to be ´light-hearted´ but at the same time with substance. We have many senior Masters of Science in our organization – and they demand a concrete professional outcome of their time spent’ Lone says with a smile.

‘The Bridge managed to tailor a session to fit our needs. Annie and Gunnar managed to seize the attention of the entire audience in a very lively and well conducted manner. And with Annie being Chinese and Gunnar being Scandinavian, they did supplement each other very nicely.’

‘I also liked the way the speakers touched upon cultural sensitive issues in a manner so that the message came across but with no one getting ‘labeled’ or getting exposed in any way.’

‘Most importantly, all participants left with something to bring back home and utilize in their everyday cross-culture collaboration with colleagues and clients.’ Lone concludes.

The Danish Wind Industry Association organized a cross cultural management seminar for its members - the aim of the seminar was to prepare Scandinavian managers for their entry in China as cooperating with Chinese partners or managing/cooperating with Chinese colleagues. To bridge the cultural gap between Scandinavia and China. 

  Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen

Project Manager at the Danish Wind Industry Association was asked to evaluate the cross cultural competence seminar delivered by The Bridge.

‘I know that I do not only speak for myself when I say that the seminar was as well educating as entertaining from first to last minute’ Kim start. ‘- from many of the attendees I have received feedback that they had a great and rewarding day’ Kim says.

‘I have attended cross cultural seminars before this – but what made this stand out of the ordinary was its refreshing element of relevant hands-on experience.’ ‘The combination of Annie being native Chinese educated in Denmark and Gunnar having hands-on experience from his time as a manager in China gave the seminar a lot of credibility.’ Kim continues.

‘it was very evident that both speakers had a great deal of knowledge about “both sides of the coin” which gave the attendees a strong feeling of relevance contrary to those pretty academic seminars that are also  found’ Kim adds.

‘That the speakers performed very well as a team and understood how to spice up the serious topic with stimulating chunks of Danish humor all in all meant that we all left the seminar with a distinct feeling of having been well educated as well as well entertained’ Kim concludes with a smile.

In the attempt to introduce JYSK’s new concept in China, The Bridge was called in to deliver a tailored seminar about e-commerce in China to a team of 7 marketing, sales, and business development directors to help formulate JYSK’s multichannel strategy in China.

  Hanne Bang Vorre

E-business Manager from JYSK

“China’s Internet is a web apart, just like Chinese consumers shop differently than Europeans”, says Hanne Bang Vorre, E-business Manager at JYSK, and responsible for implementing the new concept in China:

“The seminar has given us the latest update of the e-commerce status in China and future trends, which is really important since we are in the process of redesigning our concept in China and strengthening our multichannel strategies.”

“What we appreciate the most is to have Annie, a native Chinese, show us some of the best practice from local competitors on the biggest e-commerce platforms.  Despite JYSK having been in China for a while this was another eye-opening experience  - the culture difference is very big in terms of local marketing and Chinese online consumer behaviors.”

“Furthermore, it was also educating to see how Chinese marketers use their social media platforms for branding, customer engagement and communication, as well as e-commerce transactions. It was very good to have a local Chinese to go through this with us, without this seminar we simply wouldn’t know that China’s e-commerce has progressed so differently from Europe's.” Hanne adds. 

The Bridge was asked to deliver an in-house tailored seminar about e-commerce in China to the marketing and sales team from The Kelsen Group.

  Dennis Hvam

Global Marketing Director from Kelsen Group

Dennis Hvam, the Global Marketing Director from Kelsen says, “We know that e-commerce in China had a big leap forward in 2013 and that e-commerce in many ways work differently there. Our aim was to have an update on the latest status and meanwhile to look into different communication channels to strengthen our marketing activities in China.”

“The seminar was tailor made for our iconic brand Kjeldsens’ Butter Cookies, and was highly informative and useful for our work. We are now updated on the latest development of e-commerce in China and different social media platforms - we also saw our products’ performance compared to our competitors’ on different online platforms in China. All in all this is a valuable basis for onwards conducting our marketing activities “

“Annie, being a native Chinese, has shared her insights of local consumers’ behaviour with us. It is relevant for us to re-evaluate our marketing mix in China and has enabled us to work proactively with our local team. She also brought up many relevant questions in terms of our pricing strategies and logistic setup once we go online.” 

“Last but not least, the Internet world is developing so fast in China. Annie keeping us updated on the latest e-commerce trend in China has certainly eased our job in keeping our marketing activities in pace with the changes.”