Cross Cultural Negotiation

Many experienced negotiators might excel at preparing, analyzing options, and establishing a strong position. Yet the risk that the foreign negotiator will fail in China is imminent

Learning how to negotiate successfully in China means, among other things, how to make friends with the Chinese, give them face, listen more than talking and socialize cheerfully at banquets - without at any time losing focus.

Aim of the seminar

An increased understanding of cultural dynamics and how to identify and manage interests in Chinese settings will increase the success rate of the western negotiator in China, which improves the performance of the organization.
The purpose of the seminar is to give the participants the tools and perspectives to become more successful in understanding cross-cultural settings in China and successfully manage cross-cultural negotiations in particular.

  Intended outcome
Define and understand different negotiation styles in China
•  Identify common psychological heuristics and biases and how to apply them in negotiating with Chinese
•  Be able to use the suitable negotiation strategies and approaches with Chinese
•  Develop professional skills to better prepare, plan, and act in cross-cultural negotiations situations with the many types of Chinese
•  Avoid mistakes and increase success rate when negotiating with Chinese
•  Be able to establish trust and build up long term business relationships with Chinese
Seminar content
•  A walk through the different Chinese negotiation styles
•  Psychology of communication and influence
•  A brief introduction of the thirty-six stratagems from “Art of The War”
•  How to establish trust and build long-term business relationships with Chinese
•  Case studies pinpointing aspects of professionalism