Your Next Billion Consumers

Beneath the topline figures of China’s upcoming middle class consumers are remarkable shifts in consumption dynamics varying from income level, age profile and geographic location.
To win your next billion consumers in China, it is vital to possess the knowledge in order to tailor your product portfolio to the needs of the increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers and to adjust brand architectures to differentiate offerings and attract younger consumers.
Aim of the seminar

Strategies that succeeded in the past for standardized products and mass consumers are facing challenges in the new environment that is influenced by China’s new rising income, shifting urban landscapes and generational change.

The Bridge designed this seminar aiming at providing companies a detailed understanding of what Chinese consumers are doing, how their preferences are evolving, and the underlying reasons for their behavior.
Intended outcomes
Understand the different consumer behavior across regions and ages within China – enabling you to localize your product to meet the demand of your targeted consumers
•  Develop the right marketing mix in China – improving the effectiveness of your marketing communication

•  Efficient allocation of your marketing budget on the chosen channels
  Seminar content
Introduce different regional purchasing behavior
•  Identify the typical traits of Generation X, Y, Z (70’s, 80’s, and 90’)
•  The “Only Child” phenomenon and their social behavior
•  Understand the motivation and drivers of high end consumers
•  A brief introduction to the distribution channels in China